le goûter

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le- goûter [luh goo-TAY]

English translation

snack is a light meal, food eaten between regular meals.

We never thought we would become addicted to a snack, with that said; we are addicted to a snack before dinner every evening. It has turned into a time to unwind and engage in conversation, trying desperately not to talk about work. Even while traveling we take the time to relax and have a snack before dinner. The one pictured here is a typical vacation snack when we are getting far more exercise. We scale it back on our return to home and reality.

From the NY TIMES-----

Like English high tea, le goûter -- pronounced ''luh goo-TAY'' -- may once have been an actual meal, a supper served in the early evening when workers came in from the fields. Today the custom of an afternoon nibble endures, primarily as an after-school snack but also as a sophisticated little something between lunch, which ends around 2, and dinner, which doesn't start until 9.