Bistro G @1711

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amant [amɑ̃] English translation: Lover The elusive, French dry erase artist, Amant, has not struck again! He is on special assignment creating exterior artwork for my new restaurant, Bistro G @1711. In the meantime, my creative consultant stepped up to the plate and created her very own dry erase artwork. I must say, I am quite […]


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Radis [ˈrædɪʃ] English translation: Radish Aaahhh….April in Paris! With April comes the freshest of fresh, French breakfast radishes. They have an elongated shape and mild flavor, differing from the round, hot cherry radish found in most American grocery stores. Some enjoy them with butter and salt, but I prefer to serve them au naturel as […]


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Seize [sez] English translation: Sixteen A strange coincidence!Room number sixteen and table number sixteen.If you find Bistro G is booked, be sure to check out Domaine de Fontenille’s La Cuisine d’Amélie for casual dining and Le Champ des Lunes a 1-Michelin start dining experience.This is also a lovely hotel in a renovated chateau dating from the 18th century, surrounded by […]