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l’automne [ˈôtəm]

English translation:

The elusive, French dry erase artist, Amant, has struck again!
He spent the first two weeks of September at my chateau, Chez G in Provence, and brings you a colorful sketch of the approach drive to our very beautiful and unique vacation destination.
More of Amant’s dry erase sketches coming soon–

À bientôt!


Happy Bastille Day!

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Fête de la Fédération on 14 July 1790 was a celebration to commemorate the first anniversary of the Storming of the Bastille and the unity of the French Nation during the French Revolution. Each year since 1880, celebrations are held all over France on 14 July commemorating the 14 July 1789 storming of the Bastille prison.

The French celebration, La Fête Nationale, is referred to in America as Bastille Day.

This is also the 17th anniversary for my design studio- ARIG DESIGN GROUP LTD.


ps- Chef Grenouille has the day off.


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There is never a dull moment in Chef Grenouille's life. This is the dance floor at Bistro G, one of four Chez Gren International restaurants in France. A glass vile around the neck of this Yul Brynner ice sculpture is the hiding place for a hair coloring solution that will change the world. But the ice is quickly melting in the summer heat and in danger of crashing to the floor, destroying the secret formula forever. The adventure is documented in Chef Grenouille's third book To Dye For  involving spies, espionage, hair coloring secrets and most important, the chef's recipe for gluten free croissants. A must read on your summer vacation!


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Félicitations à Monsieur Macron et France!

Félicitations [fi-li-sə-tā-shən]

G-   et ses amis au Auberge G quelque part dans le sud de la France.

English translation: Congratulations

Congratulations Mr. Macron and France!
G-   and my friends at Auberge G somewhere in the south of France.