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amant [amɑ̃] English translation: Lover The elusive, French dry erase artist, Amant, has struck again! His creative mind brings you a whimsical sketch of my famous winter retreat for snow lovers— Mont G. I hope to bring you more of Amant’s dry erase sketches, until then– À bientôt, j’espère! G-


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Coller  [kuh lay] English translation: to glue The origin of collage is from the French word coller an art technique popularized in the early 1900’s by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. The collage shown here is one of many designed and produced by my creative consultant, Michele. You can find more examples of her photo and paper/found object collages on her Coller Pinterest board. G-


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printemps  [pʀɛ̃tɑ̃] English translation: spring Spring has arrived in the vineyard, I’m busy tending the vines, walking the fields each morning and talking to my new buds. Another vintage year is underway! G-


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Mode  [mɔd] English translation: fashion My Business Manager and Creative Consultant are having fun with the window display for the giant fashion house Christian Dior while traveling in Monaco, France. They find composing images through mirrors brings forth unique and interesting photographs. Look for your reflection in objects, mirrors or a pool of water when you […]

Bonnes Fêtes!

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Bonnes Fêtes! [bohn feɪt] English translation: Happy Holidays! Here’s to a happy, healthy, scrumptious 2014! Enjoy! Now, I must get back to work. This is turning out to be my busiest holiday season yet! PS- My Business Manager and Creative Consultant have finally completed my latest book—- “The Aubergine Caper”, I will be providing more information soon. […]


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Coucher de soleil  [kuʃe d sɔlɛj ] English translation: sunset I witnessed this beautiful sunset while on vacation in the South of France. After a much needed nap I walked over to my window and pulled back the draperies to see if the rain had stopped and I could not believe my eyes. I had only a few seconds […]


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détendre  [detɑ̃dʀ] English translation: relax Worry is useless, or so I keep telling myself. My first book, “But… what if it doesn’t rain?”, is about this very topic. As the story goes, I was about to embark on a much needed vacation when I was informed of an imminent surprise visit by the famous restaurant […]


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Chocolat  [ʃɔkɔla] English translation: chocolate Chocolate is the perfect dessert, need I say more? RICHART understands chocolate making and the history of chocolate. RICHART chocolat is delightfully delicious and artfully handmade in Paris, France. Do not be discouraged, it is available mailorder and for those of you living in New York City, a selection of their permanent and seasonal collections, […]


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Moto [moto] English translation: Motorbike If you have ever rented anything larger than a SmartCar in Paris you have probably found parking an automobile in the city next to impossible. The ever increasing number of motorbikes whizzing by and between the automobiles on the city streets and highways adds to the sport of driving in Paris. In […]

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Chalumeau [ʃalymo] English translation: Blowtorch A Blowtorch is a general purpose tool used to diffuse a flame to apply heat upon an object. It is often used for repairs to a vehicle or structure. However, Chef Plombé, the lovable personal chef to the President of France in my second book “Deux Pastis s’il Vous Plait!” is found wielding […]