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Moto [moto]

English translation: Motorbike

If you have ever rented anything larger than a SmartCar in Paris you have probably found parking an automobile in the city next to impossible. The ever increasing number of motorbikes whizzing by and between the automobiles on the city streets and highways adds to the sport of driving in Paris. In addition to bicycle sharing and well planned bicycle lanes, the city's answer to overcrowded streets is to also encourage transport by motorbike or moto by repurposing 2,500 revenue generating car-park spaces to free moto spaces. A total of 18,000 parking spaces will be available in Paris by 2014.

Butter1 is my vehicle of choice in Paris and the winding, narrow backroads of Provence on my daily trek to the markets in search of the finest ingredients for my Chez Grenouille & Chez G Spa & Bistro plats du jour.