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Coucher de soleil  [kuʃe d sɔlɛj ] English translation: sunset I witnessed this beautiful sunset while on vacation in the South of France. After a much needed nap I walked over to my window and pulled back the draperies to see if the rain had stopped and I could not believe my eyes. I had only a few seconds […]

Has Been Under Shower

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Reine and Guy Sammut’s Auberge La Fenière is a wonderful place to stay in the South of France. It also offers two exceptional dining options. The Bistrot La Cour De Ferme, a casual dining experience that frequently combines great food with absolutely fabulous musical entertainment. If you are lucky the featured band will be HBUS, […]

À bientôt

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À bientôt [ä-byaⁿ-tō] English translation See you soon! As of September 1st I will be in the South of France for my yearly vacation and I will be returning October 1st. I will be staying L’Auberge La Feniere, and if I am looking I will be able to catch Guy Sammut and his band, Has […]


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Moto [moto] English translation: Motorbike If you have ever rented anything larger than a SmartCar in Paris you have probably found parking an automobile in the city next to impossible. The ever increasing number of motorbikes whizzing by and between the automobiles on the city streets and highways adds to the sport of driving in Paris. In […]


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flèche [flĕsh] Suivez les flèches bleues. English translation Follow the blue arrows. If you have seen the movie Amélie, you will remember the clever trail of blue arrows she leaves in front of Sacré-Cœur for Nino to follow. The playful arrow above is just one example of what you will find while visiting the Musée Picasso in Antibes. You will […]


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Vent [vent]Il y a beaucoup de vent sur Mont Ventoux!English translation There is much wind on Mount Ventoux!If you ever venture to the top of Mount Ventoux in the south of France, as the name suggests, you will find it very windy and very cold even on a sunny, warm day! The wind is relentless, […]


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piscine [pisin] Grenouille a appartenu à la piscine.   English translation Grenouille fell into the swimming pool.  A pool of water suitable for swimming. The magnificent lap pool pictured here is located adjacent to the private patios outside the five Bellevue Suites at Auberge La Ferniere in Lourmarin France. Swimming pools are in abundance in the South of France. And of course, who can […]

crème brûlée

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crème brûlée [krem broo-ley] English translation burnt cream The literal translation must not be taken to heart when preparing crème brûlée, this dessert is magnificent when torched to a perfect color and consistency, not burnt! The image above is a scene from my second book, “Deux Pastis S’il Vous Plait” where Chef Plombé is attempting to perfect […]


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ombre [o(n)br] English Translation shadow 1930 was the year, The Shadow, a very popular radio show aired for the first time and continued until 1954. The Shadow fought crime heard, speaking many languages, but not seen having the unique ability to become invisible. The famous opening lines “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The […]


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barres [bar] Derriere les barres English translation Behind bars Pierre Cardin purchased the former residence of the Marquis de Sade, mostly in ruins, in Lacoste, France in 2001. Add this to your list of places to visit while traveling in the south of France. He restored the interior of the chateau, a portion of which is open to […]