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As France's most celebrated gastronome, my latest adventures are chronicled in Michele & Kevin's latest collaboration and 4th book (G4) The Aubergine Caper.

A few explanatory notes to increase your reading enjoyment…my backstory goes something like this:

I was tragically separated from my family as heedless loggers rolled through the Amazon. I stowed away on a Brazilian coffee boat that ultimately docked in Marseille. There I escaped having my legs become an appetizer thanks to a mysterious man named Gaspar. I started a little sandwich cart selling simple food to dock workers, sailors and denizens of the night. My reputation grew, however, and in time I had my own restaurant. Then two, then three, then a vineyard, bistro, spa, auberge and, well, you get the idea. Everything has been built on maintaining the highest standards and excellence. My Paris restaurant, Chez Grenouille, was ranked the best restaurant in the world so often they retired the prize. Celebrities, champion athletes and world leaders clamored for my friendship. I know them all but never forget the dock workers, sailors and denizens of the night.

It should also be noted I do all this and, thanks to time zones, I still manage to be home with Michele and Kevin each night. Having my own private jet, Butter 2, and a slight amount of imagination makes this possible.

In every story I right wrongs and celebrate excellence, good manners, good food, good friends and of course have fun while I am doing it.