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As France’s most celebrated gastronome, my latest adventures are chronicled in Michele & Kevin’s latest collaboration and 4th book (G4) The Aubergine Caper. A few explanatory notes to increase your reading enjoyment…my backstory goes something like this: I was tragically separated from my family as heedless loggers rolled through the Amazon. I stowed away on a Brazilian coffee boat that ultimately docked in Marseille. There I escaped having my legs become an appetizer thanks to a mysterious man named Gaspar. I started a little sandwich cart selling simple food to dock workers, sailors and denizens of the night. My reputation grew, however, and in time I had my own restaurant. Then two, then three, then a vineyard, bistro, spa, auberge and, well, you get the idea. Everything has been built on maintaining the highest standards and excellence. My Paris restaurant, Chez Grenouille, was ranked the best restaurant in the world so often they retired the prize. Celebrities, champion athletes and world leaders clamored for my friendship. I know them all but never forget the dock workers, sailors and denizens of the night. It should also be noted I do all this and, thanks to time zones, I still manage to be home with Michele and Kevin each night. Having my own private jet, Butter 2, and a slight amount of imagination makes this possible. In every story I right wrongs and celebrate excellence, good manners, good food, good friends and of course have fun while I am doing it. G-

Has Been Under Shower

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Reine and Guy Sammut’s Auberge La Fenière is a wonderful place to stay in the South of France. It also offers two exceptional dining options. The Bistrot La Cour De Ferme, a casual dining experience that frequently combines great food with absolutely fabulous musical entertainment. If you are lucky the featured band will be HBUS, (Has Been Under Shower) with Guy himself for a nostalgic blast back to the 60’s with such hits as the Rolling Stones, “Under my Thumb”. The Great Restaurant, a bit more formal, will delight with Guy’s wife Reine Sammut a Michelin chef with one star. The rooms are equally marvelous and if you choose one of the Bellevue suites you will find a lap pool right outside your patio door that is to die for! Speaking of to die for, the inspiration for my latest book “To Dye For” is drawn from my good friends at the Auberge. No that is not a misspelling. “To Dye For” is a lighthearted, spy thriller about big business and yes, you guessed it—- hair coloring! The illustration above is the band featured in my book under the pseudonym AWHFY or “Are We Having Fun Yet”? Enjoy! G-  


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As you might have guessed we are not discussing traditional french hats today. We are introducing you to Béret by La Canorgue for more than one reason. I absolutely love the label design and the backstory behind this organic, award winning winery located in the Luberon near Bonnieux is equally interesting. The estate consists of tiered vineyards spanning over sixty acres that are organically farmed, always respecting the environment. I am enjoying this wine in the front courtyard of Chateau la Canorgue. This might look familiar to you as it is also the location Ridley Scott chose to film the ebullient movie “A Good Year“, based on the book by Peter Mayle. G-

To Dye For…

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“To Dye For…” is the third book of my adventures as France’s most celebrated chef. Previous editions were written and illustrated by my personal Design Consultant, Michele Moses, with editing by my Business Manager, Kevin Murrett. Kevin is a talented writer who devotes most of his time to practicing architecture, leaving little time to document my many adventures. So after learning of my latest escapade, a determined Kevin spent his 2012 vacation slaving poolside in the South of France scribbling notes in his journal while Michele and I watched and waited patiently. Each evening during l’heure d’apéritif Kevin reviewed his progress with Michele and I. By the end of the vacation a rough draft was ready and Michele began the long task of bringing the story to life through her illustrations. The result of this collaboration is a tale nothing short of genius highlighting my many talents and cunning sense of humor in a world filled with espionage, danger and gluten. Many thanks to my good friends at l’ Auberge La Fenière in Cadenet for inspiration and exquisite hospitality. Learn more about me, the famous Chef Grenouille and my business partners Kevin + Michele. The book is 58 pages with fantastique illustrations accompanying each turn of a page. Published through BLURB, it is available in hardcover, a collectors item for $40.00 with an Ipad Ibooks version at $9.99. I think you will love it…..it’s to dye for! G-