Promenade du Paillon

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The Promenade du Paillon in Nice, France is a wonderland for children and adults alike with lush gardens, creatively paved walkways, and unique water features. It opened in October 2013 after 3 long years of construction that included the demolition and relocation of the bus station. The promenade was constructed over a river of the same name that was covered over in the 19th century. The river still exists below the promenade and flows from it’s source, Lucéram, in the Alpes Maritimes into the Mediterranean Sea near Nice Old Town (Vieille Ville).

Happy Bastille Day!

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Fête de la Fédération on 14 July 1790 was a celebration to commemorate the first anniversary of the Storming of the Bastille and the unity of the French Nation during the French Revolution. Each year since 1880, celebrations are held all over France on 14 July commemorating the 14 July 1789 storming of the Bastille prison. The French celebration, La Fête Nationale, is referred to in America as Bastille Day. This is also the 14th anniversary for my design studio- ARIG DESIGN GROUP LTD. m- ps- Chef Grenouille has the day off.


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Chapellerie [ʃapɛlʀi] English translation: hat shop Everyone remembers the Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss and that unique red & white broad striped hat. I was delighted to learn while reading the NY Times this morning that Dr. Seuss not only decked out his characters in hats, he also collected them and brought them out for guests to wear for amusement while dining with other guests at his home. An exhibit will begin on Monday at the New York Public Library celebrating the 75th anniversary of “The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins” and some of these hats will be on display. La Chapellerie is a hat shop in Les Baux-de-Provence in the South of France. Subtle colors, fine textures, layers of fabric and ribbons give each hat it’s own unique personality. Hats instantly add a new twist to your look that can be mysterious, fun, adventurous or just plain utilitarian in heavy rain or freezing cold temperatures. The next time you pass by a hat shop, go inside and try a few on, chances are you will find a hat that will make you smile and feel like a new person! Chef Grenouille’s signature Chef’s toke is a perfect example of a hat that adds an air of whimsy to the great Chef’s personality!  


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Souviens [s-ooh-vee-ens] Je me souviens d’une rose seule. English translation I remember a single rose. When I was 7 years old I had the opportunity to visit Sister’s Hospital in  Buffalo, New York to undergo a major 6 hour operation. I will not go into the details, let’s just say it was quite the experience for a young girl. I recall the doctor asking me if I knew how to whistle while the anesthesiologist was preparing to put me under and to this day I have not mastered the art of whistling. At the time, our house was located on Charleston Road across the street from a nursery called Queen City, which is also Buffalo’s nickname. The owner of this nursery gave me a single red rose and wished me luck shortly before I went to the hospital for what became a two week stay. This memory stayed with me along with a personal preference for a single red rose to a bouquet of one or two dozen roses of any color. After many years I moved back to this neighborhood. Each time I visited Queen City Nursery I noticed an older gentleman working away while somebody else helped me, always sensing this person might be the same person that gave me that single rose. A few weeks ago I stopped in with a friend to buy some mums and we ended up spending quite a bit of time with this man as he told us about some of the more unique items on display. The more he talked the more I felt he was the same man, and finally asked how long he had been associated with the nursery. When he said 50 years, I knew he was the same person and proceeded to tell him my story. He smiled, didn’t say much and asked someone else to take care of cashing us out and he walked away. When we were ready to leave he reappeared to my surprise with one single rose and handed it to me. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I was very touched. If you are ever in the neighborhood stop by Queen City Nursery and visit Dave Davis, he is an interesting guy who knows a lot about gardening. His business is the only one to survive from my childhood years along that stretch of Harlem Road in Snyder, New York. A 2010 article, published in the Amherst Bee, describes how Dave as a young man drastically changed his path in life from chemist to gardener.


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argent [ahr-juhnt] Elle travaille dur pour l’argent. English translation: She works hard for the money. Money is used to pay for goods & services and to pay people for their work. Traveling from France’s Nice aéroport to Provence, La Piano Bar Restaurant in Rognes is a delightful destination for a lovely al fresco lunch. At La Piano you will find a creative reuse of old 33-1/3 and 45 rpm records as menus. The example here is Donna Summer’s 1983 title track single from the album “She Works Hard for the Money” in it’s second life as a dessert menu. Donna gained fame in the 1970’s and was a five time Grammy winner. Sadly Donna was diagnosed with lung cancer unrelated to smoking and died at the age of 63 in May of this year.


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somme [sawm] Pour faire un petit somme. English translation To take a short nap. A nap is a short period of sleep, usually during daytime. Matthew P. Walker has found a nap clears the brain to absorb new information. “Sleep not only rights the wrong of prolonged wakefulness, but, at a neurocognitive level, it moves you beyond where you were before you took a nap.” Matthew P. Walker Principal Investigator Sleep and Neuroimaging Laboratory Department of Psychology University of California, Berkeley